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CMA Events

Upcoming seminars will be taught by Fr. Denis Nakkeeran, who holds a licentiate to teach Bioethics at the St. John’s Seminary in Boston. Seminars will be via Zoom. Fr. Nakkeeran will give 4 talks over the coming 6 months to help better prepare members to use the ...

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CMA Connections (Feb. 2023) 147

We hope you enjoy this inaugural issue of CMA Connections which is designed to consolidate CMA info and activities in one email. We welcome your feedback. CMA on the Streets of Washington, DC! On January 20, CMA joined thousands of ...

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February 2023 Embers 146

FIRE Committee Newsletter February 2023 The FIRE Committee would like to propose the theme God is Love for this month, in honor of the late Pope Benedict XVI. His first encyclical as pontiff was Deus Caritas Est , in which he stated, "We have come to believe in ...

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Catholic Medical Association Applauds Court Ordered Decision to Restore FABMs Insurance Requirements 145

Catholic Medical Association applauds a court ordered decision to restore insurance requirements for fertility awareness-based family planning methods to the Affordable Care Act after the Biden administration illegally removed it last year. The court sided in favor of CMA member, Dr. Cami Jo Tice-Harouff, who sued the U.S. Department of Health ...

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December 2022 Snapshot 143

For sponsorship opportunities email 2022 Urgent Annual Appeal Update Thank you for your generous response to our 2022 Urgent Annual Appeal. To date, $77,000 has been raised toward our $250,000 goal. There is still time to contribute! ...

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November 2022 EMBERS 142

Fire Committee Newsletter November 4, 2022 The FIRE committee wants to continue with the theme of Eucharistic Revival this month as we prepare for Advent. If your faith in the True Presence is waning, we suggest you meditate on documented Eucharistic ...

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Our Mission:

Forming and supporting current and future physicians to live and promote the principles of the Catholic Faith in the science and practice of medicine.

Our Vision:

Inspiring Physicians to Imitate Jesus Christ


We are Catholic individuals dedicated to the ministry of health care.

The Catholic Medical Association is the largest association of Catholic individuals in health care. We help our members to grow in faith, maintain ethical integrity, and provide excellent health care in accordance with the teachings of the Church.

We are a leading national voice on applying the principles of the Catholic faith to medicine.

We represent faithful Catholics in the medical community; create and organize educational resources and events; advocate for members, the Church, and the medical profession in public forums; and provide guidance for bishops and other national leaders on healthcare ethics and policy.

We build communities of support through local guilds.

The CMA helps to start and support independent guilds (chapters) throughout the country. Guilds provide fellowship, education, and service to the local Church, the community, and peers in health care.

We are dedicated to educating and supporting the next generation.

Through the Catholic Medical Association Student Section (CMA-SS), we provide meaningful support and instruction to medical students as they grow in the Faith and as medical professionals. We are committed to handing on a Catholic and Hippocratic approach to medicine.



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