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Catholic Medical Association Opposes H.R. 8373 “The Right to Contraception Act” 135

Philadelphia, PA-September 26, 2022- Catholic Medical Association opposes H.R. 8373, “The Right to Contraception Act” and similar bills which include provisions relating to contraception and "emergency” contraception. When considered in light of recent HHS and Office of Civil Rights Guidance, CMA is concerned that the creation of a “right to ...

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Catholic Medical Association Supports Pharmacists’ Right of Conscientious and Religious Objection 134

Philadelphia, PA-September 23, 2022- Catholic Medical Association supports the rights of pharmacists in all settings to refuse to provide pharmaceutical services that conflict with their conscience and/or religious beliefs. With the ever-changing landscape of laws and regulations governing pharmacy practice, the CMA wishes to bring clarity ...

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Catholic Medical Association Supports Scientific Approach to Sex Medicine in Florida 133

Philadelphia, PA-September 19, 2022- The Florida Board of Medicine will soon discuss and vote on regulations related to sex medicine practices in that state. Attention is particularly directed to concerns that pertain to informed consent and the transition of children and adolescents. Catholic Medical Association is very concerned about these ...

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Catholic Medical Association Addresses Medicine, Morality and Media at Annual Conference, Announces Award Recipients 132

Philadelphia, PA- September 15, 2022- Catholic Medical Association has wrapped up its 91st Annual Educational Conference. Held in Denver, Colorado, this year’s conference theme was “Searching for the Truth: Medicine, Morality, and the Media.” “Our conference created an academic and spiritual environment for health care professionals ...

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Philadelphia, PA- September 14, 2022- Members of the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) have drafted a resolution aimed at protecting them from legal ramifications related to management of elective abortions. The authors of the resolution include members of Catholic Medical Association (CMA), which strongly supports approval of ...

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We are Catholic individuals dedicated to the ministry of health care.

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